The “Having it all” Dream… is not reality!

I have a lot of female followers in their 20’s-40’s. I know that most of you want it all…
1. The Job2. The babies3. The body
4. The spirituality
5. The friendships


Did you know that the dream of “Having it all” as a woman has been the number one cause of stress, and anxiety in women today? Women who have careers feel anxious and down because they are either sacrificing time with their family, or they don’t have children or a spouse. Women who have college educations but have chose to stay home with their babies feel stressed and sad that they sacrificed their career. Women who do appear to have it all are sacrificing their balance in life and their sanity to maintain it all…

Did you also know that 40% of women with a college education from generation X do not

have children? Did you know that most women from generation X who do have a college education and children have chose to stay home?
So really the “Having it all dream” is not realistic, and you should never beat yourself up because you gave up or sacrificed something that you thought was “the norm”. Women who aim to have it all, and do… that is not the norm, and most women cannot handle the stress! Those who do… are amazing creatures, but in no way sets the standard for everyone else.

Do what you can, and do what you have to do, and let the universe take care of the rest! There are no rules to how to live your life as a woman! Every thing takes sacrifice… having children and being 100% all there takes sacrifice, having a full time career takes sacrifice, having a hot body… that takes sacrifice, having it all could very well take sacrifice from you mentally… think about it… maybe having it all means, having what you have right now and choosing to appreciate that!



Anita Miron

7 Star Diamond Qualifying Beachbody Coach