The Last 10 Lbs! Clean Eating Stripped


In the last 6 months I have tried every single fad diet out there. I was on information over load and completely overwhelmed with all of the different styles of eating, when to eat, how many carbs, how many calories, what day is what for carbohydrates. The last 10 pounds have been the hardest 10 pounds to loose. As many of you know, I lost 55 pounds with clean eating (for the most part), Shakeology, Chalean Extreme and Insanity. It was an amazing experience. I watched my eating, but enjoyed life at the same time (dinner on Friday nights with my husband, occasional glass of wine, dark chocolate and tea, froyo with my family, late night snack with my husband). I loved my fitness routines, and Shakeology is basically like drinking cake batter (without the gross after feeling), so that was awesome! I felt great, but I got stuck at 143-144. I thought that if I kept on doing what I was doing, the weight would continue to fall off like it did. NOPE! As soon as I finished breast feeding I decided to try cutting calories (without a plan in place). I was exhausted, and  very hungry. I was eating all of the wrong things, and staying under 1200 calories. It was not healthy or safe. This was not sustainable. I then tried the WHOLE 30 ( I gained 3 pounds from that experience. I then tried Carb cutting, and nearly passed out. I then tried carb cycling, and had a near panic attack with all of the counting and keeping track of all that I was consuming. I then tried Intermittent fasting ( That was fun (I had to stuff my face for 8 hours a day and then starve myself 4 hours up to the point when I could eat again) and I gained weight! I was running around tryi

ng everything, and nothing was working.

Finally after 4 months of trying all of these things, and doing a ton of car

dio (because I thought that was the best way to loose body fat), I asked a Bikini competitors advice (by the way, thank goodness for her, so nice that she could offer me this info). I told her all that I did, and all of the stress that I caused myself. She suggested Tasca Reno’s “Clean Eating Stripped”. She told met that it does not have to be so complicated. I needed to clean up what I was eating, and I needed to eat more and I needed to find a balance. She also explained that I needed to introduce

more weights. So I picked up the book, and gave it two weeks. I followed the book and the plan to a T. I also read from the book and journaled daily about what I

was eating and feeling. At first I was dizzy (toxins leaving my body) then I started to feel AMAZING. My energy was through the roof. I was never hungry, and I was recovering very quickly from my workout. I used Shakeology as one of my 6 meals. I almost felt like I was being naughty because I felt so good. I thought “there is no way I could be loosing any body fat at this point, I am not hungry or exhausted.” I had a couple of dizzy days, and just added in some more fruit. I got on the scale after 2 weeks and I was down to 139.4 lbs. After 6 months of trying all sorts of things that were making me sick, dizzy and tired, I finally dropped down 4 lbs! The scale finally started to move, and I was feeling great! I am just finishing up the tail end of week two, and on my way to week three. I am just so excited that I have found something that works, and is healthy, safe, and makes total sense. You are giving yourself the proper nutrition and doing it so that your body is fueled, and so that it turns into a fat burning machine!

You must be asking yourself? How does Shakeology factor into this? Well, sweets are not part of the clean eating stripped plan. The premise of the plan is to eat clean clean clean, and within in portion sizes for 6 meals a day for 30 days. Two meals should include grains, and all meals need to include a complex carbohydrate from fruits, and veggies. All meals should also include a single serving of protein. The portion sizes are spot on (explained in the book). Anyway, Shakeology helps me with my sweet tooth, and gives me a ton of energy! I get my chocolate fix (while being very healthy), and I get all of my vitamins and nutrients in one meal. With the portion sizes being restricted, you are bound to loose some vital nutrients (especially if you are working out). Shakeology picks up where your meal plan is leaving off. There are days when I feel like I am restricted, but once I get my Shakeology in, the cravings are crushed and I feel like I can handle the rest of my day. (If you are following the stripped plan, I would consider Shakeology to be a watery fruit/veggie carb source. I tried it as a starchy carb and I was very tired and dizzy. I could not find much information online about it, but I looked at the ingredients, and Shakeology is mostly seeds, roots, veggies, and fruits. I think its safe to say it is not a Starchy carb).

The basics: You are not cutting carbs, you are not cutting calories, you are not counting calories, you are fueling your body and eating every 2-3 hours, you are feeding yourself lean protein, fruits, veggies and 2 servings of starchy carbs for a boost of energy, you are encouraged to lift weights and do two days of cardio, you are encouraged to portion your meals out according to the size of your hands. You aren’t going to weigh anything! Just look at your hand. Does it fit in it? Then that is one portion. 1 portion of lean protein, 1 portion of fruit, 1 portion of veggie (Tasca explains which ones are appropriate, but not to restrictive), and for two meals you will get 1 portion of complex carbohydrates (sweet potato, grains, banana)  Ahah! Not to shabby eh?

She just breaks it down so that it is easy to understand and a way of life that you can sustain. It is a breath of fresh air!

Here is what a typical day looks like with the Clean Eating Stripped Program

Breakfast: 1/2 Cup of Oatmeal, blue berries, 4 egg whites (stuffed!)

Snack : Shakeology 1/2 banana

Lunch: Apple handful of almonds

Snack: Turkey Burger (no bun), handful of carrots, handful of grapes

Dinner: Grilled Lemon Salmon, handful of brussel Sprouts, handful size of brown rice

Snack: Apple, 4 egg whites


As you can see, the food is very regimented, clean, and there are very little chemicals or additives. No added sugar, no added butter, no gmo’s, no high fructose corn syrup. You are also expected to drink 1 gallon of water a day, and it is suggested to drink herbal tea to give you a little more energy and help you to feel full longer.

When looking at this eating plan, I feel very confident that I am feeding my body properly, and fueling it properly. I also feel very confident suggesting it to my challengers who are struggling to loose the last 10 lbs.

If you are looking for support in this journey! I encourage you to join my next challenge group. Please email me for information!