The New Year, New You Challenge Group!

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Sadly most New Years resolution go “Gone with the wind” style within a few week! The gym is packed on January 1st, and then all of a sudden there are crickets. Many gyms survive on new years resolutions!  I have had the same resolution each year since I was 21… loose weight! And each year, I slide back. The biggest piece of the puzzle that was missing… accountability and support. I had no one holding me accountable. I had no one to answer to. I also had a shotty game plan in place. “Cut out half of my food, and workout 2 hours a day in the gym.” That lousy game plan left me HANGRY, and tired. I am here to tell you, THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR YOU. This is going to be your year. I started my fitness journey (with the right game plan and support) and I am still here 19 months later, rocking my healthy, happy, fit body. I am not tired, hangry, or feeling defeated! For one small fee (seriously its pennies compared to the results you will see), you are going to get a game plan that is so user friendly, and livable, I am confident in saying that this is a no fail solution. Here is what you get…

For $180

You will get

a 60-90 day fitness program that is proven to work. This program will be done from home, and will fit right into your lifestyle and schedule.

a fat shredding delicious meal plan and weekly grocery list to make your life EASY

a group of 9 other women who are on a serious mission to get super fit and healthy

support from me as your coach

a 30 day supply of Shakeology (replaces one meal a day the bulk of the $180) to curb your appetite and cravings while improving your over all health.

If you don’t believe that this works, check out the challengers who are in my 30 Day Fix-It group… RIGHT NOW. This is feedback from today, and I am just so proud to share it with you. ITS WORKINGGGG! And this can be your story too!

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Email me if you are interested and serious about taking this challenge: