The Shakeology Cleanse The First 24 Hours

Let me preface this post with a couple of things before I give you my review of my first day with the Shakeology Cleanse

#1. I am not doing this cleanse to loose weight. At the weight that I am at now, and the amount of muscle I currently have, it is not possible to loose a significant amount of body fat or weight on the scale in a matter of 3 days.

#2. I am doing this cleanse to clear my body and my palate of the things that I have developed a cravings for (wine, chocolate, pretzles, cheese)

#3. I have been experiencing issues with extreme bloat, constipation, and an over all sluggish feeling. I am doing this cleanse to figure out what was causing this in my body. After the 3 days I will figure out what I need to eliminate.

#4. I felt tired and sluggish from Thanksgiving, the days following and leading up to it!

#5. I love love love love to eat. I could eat all day, and in fact if you know me, I am eating all day every day. This is why I work out so hard and so much, I would prefer to eat more and workout more!

#6. I used to be a serious emotional eater, and I still battle with that. So it has been important to me to always do something to keep that in check. After the holiday I was faced with sliding back into old habits.

#7. I have been working out HARRRRD without a break for almost 18 months. After doing Body Beast Bulk phase I felt weighed down and tired, and I just wanted to get some water weight and bloat off, as well as  give my muscles a rest for a few days. So I am not working out during the cleanse.


So here is what the Shakeology cleanse is!


So there you have it. Pretty simple. I choose this cleanse over other cleanses because it is nutrient packed. Other cleanses such as juice cleanses and The Master cleanse seem dangerous and exhausting. I also do not want to loose a ton of muscle after having worked so hard to build up what I have! The Shakeology cleanse just seemed logical. A good amount of protein throughout the day, low calories and packed with vital nutrients. The point of this cleanse is to ensure that every single calorie that goes into your body is good healthy fuel for your body. All of your calories should be fiber, clean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

So I am in my second day, and I would like to share with you my experience with day one!

I have a 20 month old that I run around after all day, so cutting out fitness does not mean a lot. I still burn a lot of calories running around and lifting her up. That was a major challenge in the first day. I felt great starting out in the morning! I am a huge coffee fan, so saying no to my morning cup of joe ritual was bonkers. I wanted it so bad!!! I went for a cup of green tea instead and a cup of hot lemon water! I felt awesome. Immediately following the tea and the lemon water I had a cleanse in itself in the bathroom :/ Sorry TMI!!! I am trying my best to give you a clear over view here! So I had my first shake and felt amazing. 1.5 hours and 32 oz of water later I was ready to eat my hand off. I was running around the grocery store getting food for the week and keeping my daughter entertained. I caved and ate a giant apple! That held me over for… ehhh 5 minutes!! So I got my second shake in, and FELL ASLEEP! I never take naps. Thankfully my daughter was down for her nap and my husband encourages me to take naps, so he put a blanket over me and I slept like a rock for 2 hours!! I have never taken a nap and slept that hard! When I woke up from my slumber I felt refreshed, and mentally clear! I was in a bit of a mental fog for a few days, so this was awesome! Quickly I started to feel that awful feeling of extreme hunger. Habitually I would have gottan up and ate a giant plate of fruits, veggies, cheese, and lean meat… but instead, I drank 15 oz of lemon water, and a cup of tea and watched the clock for my next shake.I chugged the shake and told myself that I was not continuing beyond the first day lol. I was dizzy and hungry and this was not worth it! I had my salad and drank the last of my gallon of water for the day and I layed on the couch hoping to not burn any more calories as I did not want to be hungry anymore! UGH not fun at all. Terrible actually. I went into the refrigerator and got myself a cup of carrots. I felt like a giant cheater as I am only supposed to have three servings of veggies. A CARROT NEVER TASTED SO DAMN GOOD. It was like straight sugar, and it filled me up! I felt find after that.

I slept so hard last night and woke up feeling groggy. I got my first shake in today and decided to continue on with the plan because of this :unnamed (1)unnamed

Yep that is only after 24 hours! The bloat went away and I lost the water weight I was hanging on to. I have lost 1 lb so far. Yes I was terribly hungry and exhausted, but today(day 2) I am feeling energized, lighter, and less constipated and bloated! My stomach has not looked like this since I finished my second round of Insanity. So yes, I will be continuing through this journey! So far gluten, and preservatives have been removed from my diet and I am starting to think that is what was causing the bloat! I will keep you all posted on the next 2 days of my journey… if I make it lol. I WANT TO CHEW FOOD LIKE NOW!