Tips on Breaking a Plateau

So in 2012 I set out to loose all of my baby weight and more. I delivered my daughter at 210 lbs and 5 foot 5 inches. I was exhausted, depressed, and tired. Post partem depression was a reality in my world and I finally hit rock bottom. I contacted my friend and now Beachbody coach and I asked her what she did to loose 55 lbs. I told her… sign me up!! I embarked on my journey with Chalean Extreme, and Shakeology and I knocked of 30 lbs with out an issue! I ate clean ish, I replaced a meal a day with Shakeology. I never counted calories, I was never tired, I ate however much I wanted to, and it was just easy. I got the the scale once a week and lost 2 lbs every time, even after a cheat meal night. So I started Insanity to propell my weight loss efforts. Again, I did not change a thing with my eating. (btw I was still nursing my daughter and cutting calories was not an option). I ate clean foods, but never limited anything. In fact I was eating like a mad woman. I would have to guess 1900-2100 calories daily. But they were fruits, nuts, meats what have you. I finished Insanity 60 lbs lighter than when I started Chalean Extreme! I had hit 140lbs and felt amazing! I was ready to drop the last 15 lbs. So I started another fitness program, and just kept doing what I was doing! Why mess with a good thing right?

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thats me 😉

Well sadly the scale stopped moving. I got down to 140lbs and the scale just stopped. Every week I would get on the scale and I would fluctuate 3 lbs up and down. Finally I got super frustrated and decided to cut calories down to 1500, and that did nothing. I went even lower, down to 1200, and down to 1000 and eventually grew exhausted, hungry and just miserable. So I threw in the towel and said forget it! I will just work out and hope that the change happens. Sure I gained muscle and lost some body fat, but the scale stayed the same still. I have been 130, 120lbs and I know what looks right on me. 120 lbs is to thin for my build. I look sick! 130 looks healthy and fit and that is where I felt most comfortable! I was super frustrated, but I was un willing to starve and be miserable all the time!

So I set out to figure out how to break this plateau and keep the fat burning going! Here are my tips and what has been working for me!!

Let me pre-face my tips with this: I am not an expert, Doctor, or Personal Trainer. I am just a chick on a mission to get super sexy/ fit.

1. First make sure that you are not eating to much, or to little. A healthy and smart way to go is eating enough for a 1 lb weight loss every week. Check out to find out what this number would be for your height and weight. This way you are keeping your muscle, and you are not miserable all the time! Start at a 1 lbs deficit and see how you feel. Focus on eating clean foods like this…



once you have gotten used to clean eating, and feel comfortable at the 1 lbs calorie deficit, start to strip back on calories, and test the waters. Test to see what makes you feel energized, tired, hungry all the time, or feeling just right. You want to make sure you are comfortable, can work hard through your workouts, but still burning fat!

2. Write down everything that you eat! is my fave place to track my progress!

3. Eat a zig zagged calorie schedule to keep your body guessing! Eat higher on one day, and lower on another. Never stay at 1200, or 1500 or whatever it may be! Check out for an example of a zig zagged schedule.

4. eat 5 meals a day and make sure that your carb and protein ratio is 50:50. Stop consuming carbohydrates after Lunch. Your body does not need carbohydrates while you are sleeping or resting on the couch after a long day at work.

Each your meals every 2 – 3 hours


5. Drink 1 gallon of water a day. This will help to keep you full, and flush out toxins in your body. It will also give you tons of energy! Add lemon for some added taste!

6. Workout first thing in the morning fasted! Workout on an empty stomach. This way your body will reach for body fat rather than the food that you have in your system for energy! This is a very efficient way to burn body fat. If you wake up hungry and just cant workout on an empty stomach each a few almonds and chug water. check out this article on Body for some more advice and research.

7. Participate in the 3 Day Shakeology cleanse to clean out your body and make it so that your body is working optimally to burn body fat. This is one of the safest and healthiest ways to do a cleanse. You still get to eat, and you are exhausted and starving the entire cleanse!unnamed (2)

thats me 🙂 after my 3 day clenase.


8. Increase your calorie intake to a maintenance level of calories for two-three months. There is a chance that your body has adjusted to the low calories that you had been consuming for so long. You may need to re adjust your body, and let your body know that it is not in starvation mode and that it does not need to hold on to body fat to keep you alive. For me: I was at a 1500 calorie diet, and working off 600 – 800 Calories a day. So I increased to what told me was a maintenance calorie intake for my height and weight and then I ate back the calories that I worked off in my workout. So I was never in a calorie deficit, nor was I at a calorie surplus. This gave me a break in my strict diet, and allowed me to breath a bit, and to live a bit. I was so stressed out before about not loosing weight, that I just needed a diet vacation, but I did not want to gain my weight back! I did gain some water weight from this (5 lbs), but as soon as I adjusted again, I lost it within in days. After you go on maintain mode, you will then need to drop back to your deficit (however strong you feel comfortable doing). I suggest a 2 lb a week calorie deficit (again visit to find out what this is for you). So for me I went to a 1200 calorie diet, and workout for about 400 calories 5 days a week. This will shock your system! Your body will not be in starvation mode, and you will likely start loosing that last 10 lbs pretty quickly! I have lost 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks by using this method.

9. Take it easy, and don’t stress out to much. Stress will cause your body to hold on to water and body fat. Throw some yoga into the mix, and make sure you understand that this might be a long, slow and steady process, but it will happen, you just cannot give up!

10. Cut out cheat meals for a week or so to see if that makes a change! I am a big fan of cheat meals, but perhaps you are cheating to much! You could very well eat back 2000 calories in one sitting! Its not hard to do so. You may only be in a 3,500 weekly calorie deficit, and not realize that you ate that back at your cheat meal. If you are fighting off your last 10 lbs, you need to plan the calorie intake on your cheat meal. Perhaps do a double work out and plan for only 500 calorie increase (500 more than what you were going to eat) at your cheat meal.

11.STOP DRINKING! Alcohol, even wine is a fat burning night mare. The chemicals in alcohol actually work against fat burning. Alcohol actually blocks your body from burning fat. There are studies that show a test group who dieted while drinking and dieted without… guess who came out on top? You could be drinking back your calories, or drinking and blocking your body from burning fat!

12.Check out your macro-nutrients. You can do this through Here you can see how many carbohrates and proteins that you need to thrive. Perhaps you are getting to much of one thing.663a95bd29ce5949901c5a06bb28baf5

I have been thought a pretty long plateau and feel confident in the research that I have done. I am starting to see changes, but they are not happening over night and they shouldn’t! This has to become a way of life. You have to stop and really look at what you are doing in the big picture? Are their habits that you are in denial of dealing with? Late night snacks? Alcohal? Massive gorging  cheat meals?? Be sure to also access your body fat percentage as well. Often your body fat may be cutting down, and you maybe creating muscle, so if you don;t see a big change in the scale for a few weeks, chill! Give it a few weeks to see if your body adjusts and starts to loose weight again. Be sure to look go off of your  body fat percentage and not the scale. If you are below 20% body fat, and you are a female… please be very careful! You need body fat to have a normal healthy menstrual cycle! I don’ suggest anything below 15%. Even that is pushing it!


Okay good luck!! Email me if you have questions.

My next challenge group is starting up soon, and I have a spot for you! If support is what you need, Ive got it!