To Get Curves, You Must Lift!

I have always been blessed with curvey legs!! I am totally okay with that!! Many women want to get rid of their butt, I’m like bring it on!! I have worked really hard to add a lot of muscle back there! With the 21 day fix I am now seeing the fruits of my labor! My body is shedding some body fat and my muscles are starting to pop through!! I’m totally loving it!! I have been doing barre legs (a bonus program with the 21 day fix) and I am seeing more tone and definition than ever before!! I’ve lost 2.5 inches around each thigh!!
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The 21 Day fix has helped many of my challengers to shred unwanted body fat FAST!  They are telling me that the workouts are so simple, yet so effective! My challenger are not starving on this meal plan at all! In fact many of them have told me that they feel like they might be eating to much food! Personally I have found a sense of relief in my eating. I am not playing the constant guessing game on whether or not my macro nutrients are on point, or if I am eating to much protein, or not enough carbohydrates?!? Before I started this program I was constantly guessing! I was stressed because they scale was not changing! I was not seeing a change, yet I was eating under 1300 calories and working my butt off. For the first time in a long time I am loosing body fat, and I feel like I have enough energy! photo (13)