Tonight was my FATURDAY

So I committed myself to one cheat meal a week. This means that I get to eat whatever the heck I want. I get to go all out. Tonight I choose cheese pizza and cheesy nachos. I also had two heavy beers. I feel like sh*t. Literally, however poop feels, I feel that way. I guess before I started to eat clean and healthy, I was used to feeling like poop. I mean this pizza was dripping with cheese. It wasn’t even that delicious. At least not as delicious as I dreamt it would taste. My taste buds must be changing. Every day I would remind myself… that cheat meal is coming soon. Every time I would bite down on a green bean I would remind myself… PIZZA IS COMING SOON. Now I need to dream of something new, because greasy pizza makes me feel yucky.

My stomach isbloated out to my key board, I’m gassy/farty, I am burping up a storm, and I might puke. Soon my cheat meals will be healthy stuff. I don’t know if I ever want to feel like this again.


(Ugh posting that photo made me gag)

I added cheat meals into my diet program to keep me sane. To keep me from just giving up. It gives me something to look forward to all week while I am being strict. I used to really enjoy the cheat meals, not so much anymore. I have gotten so used to feeling great, that I don’t even want to feel bloaty/farty/and sick ever again. Perhaps next weeks cheat meal will be some sort of dessert. I still miss that and I bet it wont feel as bad as pizza.


Night ya’ll!