Turbo Fire 5 Day Inferno


I have been on my weight loss journey for 1 year. In fact next month will mark 12 months. So far I have lost 60 lbs. There have been some major highs and some major lows. Mostly highs! Due to the fact that I am breast feeding, I never once limited myself on the amount of food that I eat. I ate mostly clean with the exception of my weekly cheat meal. When I hit 143 lbs the weight did not want to continue coming off with the way I was eating and working out. I stayed at 143- 142 for almost 5 months, and it

was very disheartening considering the work I was putting in. I had to suck it up and realize that weight loss is 80% nutrition, and something had to shift. I was feeding myself WAYYY to much food and I realized Calories in Calories out was in fact not a lie! Calories are energy, and if you dont expel that energy and leave your body with a calorie deficit, you wont loose body fat.

I am not suggesting that the scale is your best indication of weight loss whatsoever. I completely understand that your body fat percentage is where you should put your focus. Well, at 5’4 and 141 lbs I came in at 27% body fat. People have told me that I am crazy for wanting to loose more, or that I should just let it go. I know my own body, and I have been 15% body fat and comfortable with my body at that point. I would be happy at 20% body fat, and for now that is my goal, and according to a healthy BMI, I should aim to be 20% body fat.

So I am going there, and no one can stop me lol!

So here I am at month 11, and I have decided to start the Turbo Fire 5 Day inferno plan. I am on day two, and I am down to 26% body fat, and 140.6 lbs. Here is how the program works.

You eat 1200 calories. You eat 100-150 grams of carbohydrates, and you snack on veggies and lean proteins if you start to feel squirmy and hungry. The program does not want your body to eat your muscles that you have earned. You are to do one of the longer and high intensity workouts with Turbo Fire, and depending on the intensity of the HIIT portion, the carbs seem higher for that day (rightfully so). So basically you burn what you eat for a massive weekly deficit. The program stresses that you do not do this for more than 5 days. I agree that this is dangerous to do for more than 5 days. 1200 calories is not enough to build strength and endurance. Having completed day 1, I can tell you that it really is not that bad, especially knowing that you only have 4 more days left. I snacked on a bunch of veggies beyond my 1200 calories (which cannot be a bad thing), and I stepped on the scale 2.5 lbs lighter and down 1% body fat.

I will keep you all posted as the 5 days progress. After a 5 month plateau I am welcoming this weight loss. I am very excited about it, and I am dedicated to making this happen. I will post before and after shots as well! So stay tuned.