What are your priorities?



Anita I have decided that I do not have time to workout, and eat healthy. I also do not want to spend money on my fitness.”

This statement above pains me. I know that it pains most Beachbody coaches! Because really what that statement says is

“Anita, I have chosen not to prioritize fitness in my life at this point. It is not as important to me as I thought. I have chosen to prioritize something else and will no longer join your fitness challenge group. I also chose to prioritize my finances elsewhere.”

Consider these things below:

1. 30 Minutes a day is a very small fraction of your day and if you prioritize your time elsewhere and move things around, 30 minutes will happen for anyone and everyone. A 30 minute workout is 2% of your day!!!!!!

2. If you put 30 minutes into taking care of yourself in the morning, you will find that you are sharper, faster, more energized, and all of sudden it seems like you have more time!

3. If you do not make time for your health and fitness at some point… you will have to make time for your health in other ways in the future (not so pleasant ways I might add). You will have to take a reactionary approach with medicine. Or miss work because you’re not feeling hot? Or miss time with your family because you’re sick on the couch???

4. Not to mention #3 is expensive and had you made the small initial investment in your health and fitness there is a chance you wouldn’t have to pay for it in the future.

5. If a full time working, Soccer Mom of 3-5 can work out for 30 minutes in her basement and chose a 75 cent banana instead of a 50 cent package of Raman noodles… so can you…. “Oh but Anita, it is easier for her, she just gets it” NOPE SORRY ITS HARD FOR HER TOO! She is just choosing to make that sacrifice.


6. Getting fit with my challenge groups is one of the most cost affective ways to do so.$5.66 a day for 30 days is what it would cost to do my challenge group. Not to mention that includes 1 of your meals!!! So considering it is replacing something in your budget, and say you spend $2- $3 a day on lunch. So this is costing you $2-3 a day for 30 days to create a new healthy lifestyle and habit.

If you cannot afford $2-3 a day for 30 days to change your life… your financial priorities need to change. Something else can be sacrificed. Nothing is more important than your health.

It is a matter of priority. It is a matter of realizing that you are comfortable in your situation and are afraid to get uncomfortable and make some shifts in your life. You are scared of the unknown. You are scared of failure or you are scared of success (trust me, you would be shocked at how many people are scared of success (I don’t want to look better than my husband. I am afraid that he will leave me).

There was a period in my life where I worked 50 hours a week, had a baby at home, had side business that was growing (the one you see me work full time now ;)) and I got my booty up at 5 am and I did Insanity on the floor of my living room. There were days that I cringed at getting out of bed. There were days when I didn’t make it until 8 PM to do my workout, but I chose to make that a priority.

There were months when Eric and I could barely make enough to pay our bills. We still ate clean. We researched what it meant to eat clean, and we found inexpensive ways to do so. You would be shocked at how cheap a piece of fruit can be. You would be shocked at how inexpensive prepping a batch of chicken for your family can be. Our “unhealthy groceries” came out to the same cost as our “clean groceries.” It was a matter of planning and research.

Have I made you uncomfortable with this ? I hope so…


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