When are you perfect ENOUGH?



People Don’t look like this on accident… at least I didn’t. When will you find your perfect? Sometimes being happy right where you are is perfect.

So before I make this photo my profile picture, I want to be real honest with all of you… I owe you all an explanation. You all probably think Im cray cray but please read. REAL TALK

This is ‪#‎transformationtuesday‬ after all!!

Ladies I was looking at a photo of a fitness model and I said to myself (2 years ago) I wish she had photos of her self not prepped for this shoot. I wish she had a statement saying what it took her to look that way, because it is quit drastic and I know hard to obtain!

Some women rock a super lean hot physique all the time… I DO NOT. It is a choice that I have made. A choice I am happy with. Of course I am very happy with my photos, I love them! But I did some special things to look that way!

I do not look like my pro photo at all and it has been 1.5 months since I took that shot. My abs are sleek, by arms are defined, and my body is looking the best it has ever looked, and ever will look lol! I cannot keep up with myself and I don’t want to! I want all of you to look at me and have realistic expectations… I do not walk around looking like that on a normal basis. I have women toting their kiddos walk up to me in the gym and say “Id love to be as lean as you!” and I say “No you don’t!!! What it took for me to be 13% body fat would mean NO ENJOYING SNACKS WITH YOUR KIDS FOR 6 MONTHS. Thats just it! Here is a list of things I did to look like I did in that photo shoot and get ready for my competition, something most people are not willing to do!

1. I did 30- 45 minutes of hardcore HIIT training a day for 3-4 months (for my competition)

2. I did 2 months of 30 minutes of Insanity Max 30 for 2 months, ate 6 meals a day consistency of lean protein, a few servings of complex carbs, 0 fruit, and very little fat.

3. I drank 1 gallon of water a day.

4. I did not have cheat meals that included any fat. I skipped many weeks of cheat meals.

5. I did not enjoy fro yo, wine, or meals out with my family.

6. I portion controlled every thing during the holidays and skipped many desserts.

7. I went to bed at night very hungry 80% of the time and woke up every night with hunger pangs.

8. I lifted in the gym for 1 hour every other day. (depending on the month it was every day).

(my routine changed up a lot)

9. When my friends came over to hang out, everyone had pizza and wine, I sat it out and drank my protein powder.

10. When I took my daughter out for Fro Yo, I chewed gum and she ate and I watched.

11. Three days leading up to the photo shoot I tweaked my diet and water intake even further to eliminate bloat.

12. This photo is not airbrushed or nipped in any way. This is truly what I looked like that day… first thing in the morning, with little water consumed for 17 hours.
The other two photos are me tonight not poking my belly out after dinner and a glass of wine.

So no it is not reasonable for me to walk around happy and look like this. It is not my body type, now my personality. I love my food. I love my wine. I love my fruits. I love sitting down with my baby girl and eating cookies with her. Do I eat like this all day? Nope. I practice the 80/20 rule!!! I work my butt off in my workouts still, and I have maintained my weight, however I look bloated, and I am carrying 3-5lbs of water around on my body.

So this is all part of my transformation. From being 210 LBS to ULTRA Lean to balance.

Today I ate 100% clean and ended the night with a half of a glass of wine and a big bowl of fruit with chocolate drizzle… I am living life. I am proud of my curves and my bloat. I love my body, and I am loving having cookies with my daughter! I don’t want her to look at Mommy and think “My Mom dieted all of her life. All she would eat is veggies and protein. My Mommy counted her yellows, blues, reds and purples all the time. My Mommy counted her calories and said no at dinner all the time.” I know if I saw my Mom do that, it would just flat out annoy me and set me up for some serious eating issues.

I want her to see me eat treats if I want to and be okay with that! I am not telling you to go out and eat treats all day. I am saying… looking the way I do in my pro photo too sacrifice. Chances are most peoples pro photos took sacrifice too! I will change my eating to trim down for Cancun in April, but I for the rest of the year, this Mamma is working out and eating pizza if she wants to.