7 Places to Find Cheap Workout Clothes

Because staying fit shouldn’t stretch your budget out of shape.By Melissa Romero


Plenty of stores, such as Target and H&M, offer their own line of affordable workout clothes that won’t break the bank.


Here at Well+Being, we’d trade power suits and heels for yoga pants and running shoes any day. But all those workout clothes can really add up ($15 for a pair of socks? Really?). Fortunately, these days we don’t have to go into debt every time we buy a new pair of sneakers or a set of sports bras. Plenty of stores now offer a selection of discounted fitness gear, from the always-affordable Target to bargain-friendly Old Navy. Here’s where we like to shop when we want to keep our wallets happy.

1) Nordstrom Rack
We couldn’t believe it when we found Nike Pro shorts on sale here for half their actual price—two for $25! Other popular lines we found discounted were Adidas, Moving Comfort, and an entire wall of Nike Frees.


2) Target
You’ll find Champion gear all over Target’s activewear section for men and women. We’re big fans of the seriously cheap sports bras—they cost as little as $8 and come in a multitude of colors and prints.

3) TJ Maxx/Marshall’s
We’ve spotted the always-pricey North Face line at both of these discount clothing stores, and you can always count on finding a good pair of running Spandex, shorts, or workout tanks with built-in bras here. We bought our now-favorite sweat-wicking tank top here for $11.

4) Forever 21
Sure, this may be one of those “you get what you pay for” stores, but you can’t argue with$10 tank tops and $22 color-blocked running Spandex. Reviewers recommend rocking this activewear casually (think easy hikes or restorative yoga); it’s not always suited to intense workouts.

5) Old Navy
You can always count on Old Navy for $3 flip-flops, but don’t forget the line of men’s and women’s activewear. Men’s sweat-wicking T-shirts run as cheap as $8, while $18 crewneck sweaters for women rival Lululemon’s.

6) H&M
You’ll find a decent range of prices with H&M’s activewear line, from a $60 fleece-lined jacket that could pass for a North Face to a $13 waist-banded T-shirt that even looks work-appropriate.

7) Bonus: Online
We know—online shopping is dangerous. One minute you’re on Facebook, and the next you’re pulling out your credit card to buy an entire outfit. But online shops like Planet GearZappos, and Active GearUp offer guilt-free shopping with workout gear at up 70 percent off. We snagged a pair of Nike running shoes for $60 at Zappos that were delivered the next day, and Planet Gear and Active GearUp feature sweet daily markdowns on brands such as Merrell and New Balance.

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