Why Cheat Meals Help You Loose Weight


Cheat meals are crucial to  your success. Not everyone will agree with me on this one, but I am a fan, and I think it should be done weekly and here is why! We are emotional creatures. We have an emotional attachment to food. It brings us joy, and it brings us happiness. Social events are based around food! When you are working towards weight loss goals, you start to feel deprived and that hunger and that aggravation leads to anxiousness, and ultimately leaves you desperate to binge and bam, you fall off the wagon completely and you stop living your new clean and healthy diet! It is a recipe for disaster!

A cheat meal can give you that boost of endorphins, it can help you feel less deprived and give you a reward for your efforts all week! So here is what I do: I keep my diet on track on all week. I keep in my moderate calorie deficit, and I aim to eat very clean all week. My husband and I have fun planning our weekly date night out and we look forward to it all week. So all the way up to my cheat meal, I am on track and on point and so when that cheat meal comes I am able to just let loose and enjoy myself (without going nuts and drinking 9 beers and eating a whole pizza! Aim to eat until you feel satiated, and full. Eat until you are satisfied and that is it. Don’t go to crazy! And then, get back on track the next day and stay on track for the entire next week!

Did you know that is takes 3,500 calories to gain or loose 1 lbs of body fat! So if you are on point all week, and you have been keeping track to stay in your calorie limitations, a 1000 calorie meal wont kill your efforts It might slow you down just a bit, but it will not completely set you back. The key is to be sensible and not eat a crazy amount, and to be super strict all week, leading up to your cheat meal. It is also important to have fun durimg your cheat meal. That is the point! This is a mental vacation from your constant efforts to get your eating in line.


The reason some people have trouble with this… they cannot get back on track after the cheat meal. If that is you, then this is not the right tactic for you. If you are an all or nothing type of person, try a cheat meal tactic and see how it works for you. If you can stay on board, great!!!


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