You Know What it Tastes Like!


You have had this junk before guys! You know exactly what it tastes like. Take one of your kids pieces of candy. Your absolute favorite type, sit down alone and just enjoy that one piece. If you start mindlessly popping a couple of pieces in your mouth throughout your trick or treating trip before you know it you will have consumed 10 pieces, 500 calories, and you will feel defeated. Here are some of the tips that I have used in the past to survive the holidays treats that come my way!

1. Plan ahead. Figure out which treat is your absolute favorite. Think back to when you were a kid, and would just really enjoy those flavors rather than shoveling those pieces into your mouth. Pick that one pieces that is your favorite out of your kids candy bag, and put it to the side.

2. Grab yourself a big tall glass of water or green tea. Sit down alone in a quiet place, with no distractions and enjoy that piece candy. Really savor the flavors and take your time. You will really find more enjoyment in that one piece because you are mindful of the flavors and what is going in your mouth. When I used to just shuvel food in my mouth I would not enjoy the flavors and really savor the moment. SAVOR THE MOMENT!

3. Stay accountable. Tell everyone around you what you are doing. Tell them you are trying to stay on track with your weight loss goals/health goals, and that you need their help to stay on track.

4. Last but not least prepare a healthy treat for you and your family to enjoy together so that you do not feel like you are missing out on enjoying something with your family. I intend on preparing a chocolate peanut butter SHAKEOLOGY for my husband and I. If you drink Shakeology… share a shake with your friends and family who you think would enjoy a chocolate treat without the guilt!

Here is my favorite Shakeology Recipe :

8 ice cubes

1.5 cups of Coconut milk

2 cups of water

1.5 table spoons of peanut butter

2 table spoons of sugar free butterscotch pudding


Click the photo below if you would like to pick up some shakeology!

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