You Must Be Stronger Than Your Excuses.

I wake up some mornings with a ton of reasons and excuses why I should just throw in the towel when it comes to my fitness dreams and goals! I have to practice positive self talk every day to be able to pull this off! If it were easy, everyone would be fit! I have to remind myself that my reasons for working out and eating clean are bigger that my reasons not to! I was once 190 lbs and I intend on never going back there! I have big dreams and I am worth the effort!! Sure my kiddo forgot how to nap lol, sure she likes to crawl out of her crib at night and party, she I am busy with my business, sure I would rather lay in bed all morning, but no one congratulates sleeping in, you don’t reach your goals sleeping in. I know that if I skip my work outs I am less effective in all other aspects of my life !! I am grumpy and less energized !! Besides I have a cruise to be on I one month!! I wanna look hot in my bikini this summer! With programs like Focus T25, p90x3 and The 21 Day Fix, there are no excuses!! 30 minutes of you day is 2% of your day!!



I have spent much of  my life making excuses. The excuses I made were my comfort zone.

I told myself

1. I have always been over weight.

2. People that are so busy like I am do not have time to get in shape.

3. I work to much so I will just eat whatever I want because I deserve to just drink and eat whatever I want to.

These excuses did not serve me. Once I started focusing on personal development, and making it a priority to always improve myself, my WHY, my reason for working out trumped my reasons for not working out.