Your Mind Will Play Tricks On You.

I am going to be totally honest with you here…even though I have made fitness my career and my life (besides my family and God) I have a lazy mentality! I know this because I have spent most of my life pretty sedentary and over weight. When I was in high school I danced for our dance team and I too dance classes 4 times a week, but the rest of the time I prefered to lay on the couch and eat bon bons. When I reached college and I did not have my Mother there to tell me to eat fish and broccoli, I ate pizza and junk food for every single meal and I spent all of my time laying in my bed studying. So my mentality was “I am happier not being uncomfortable!” This sort of mindset led me to even more u- healthy habits, such as drinking alcohol every other night of the week and turning to junk food when stressed. These habits led me to a 200 lbs and a deep depression. The body is meant to be  moved. It is meant to be challenged! When we do not work our bodies the way it was meant to be worked… something happens to us mentally and physically. We grow groggy, tired, restless, over weight, anxious, and ultimately depressed.

Fortunately I had the memory of what dancing did to me mentally. I recall feeling elated, uplifted, and just all around good! I had less stress, and less anxiety. So after I gave birth to my daughter, I knew that working out had to be my change! I then came face to face with my lazy self. I started to play is safe and easy during my workouts. As soon as I started to feel any discomfort, my mind told me body that it was time to call it quits!! So I would stop and just lay there. Finally I heard the trainer (Shaun T) on the screen say “COME ON PEOPLE, LETS GOOO” “ITS TIME FOR A GUT CHECK, CAN YOU REALLY DO MORE?” As I layed there in my self pitty I realized that YES! I can in deed do more! My body was not that tired, I was not going to keel over and die. My mind panicked from the discomfort and I went into flight or fight mode. So I fled. That is a recipe for disaster when it comes to changing your body and your mind set. So I said to myself, “Anita, you have got to talk to yourself in a more positive manner. There is not reazon you cannot push through the discomfort. Its time to become stronger mentally and physically.” I made a commitment to myself that I would do one more rep as soon as I felt like I was going to “fall apart” (you know that feeling, as soon as things start to get challenging and scary, you start to panic and stop). I started to notice that each time I made this small break through and small push through during each workout, my stamina started to improve, until eventually I could do the entire workout WITH OUT PAUSING!!! Until I could do all 30 pushups. Until I could do all the reps that the trainer was doing!

I made small changes and goals each day. I did not want to let myself down, but I also did not want to pass out lol. I knew that my body could do one more rep, but my mind was playing tricks on me and going into panic mode.

In conclusion: Its crucial to push yourself out side of your comfort zone. To make any real change in  your body, you have to tell youself that you are not done, and you have the power to do one more rep. Before you know it, that one more rep will turn into 10 more reps. The mind will stop before the body does. It is completely natural… its called fight or flight, and since there is no-one to fight (except maybe yourself) we tend to “flight” (STOP OUR WORKOUT). So push it one more rep every-day! You deserve this! Want help, I am always here for you! Just email me: